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If you require additional help with your online self-help assessment, all of the contact details you will need can be found on this page.


New Oxford Street,
CA14 1LW.

Fax: 01900 325368

North Allerdale: 01228 223450
South Allerdale: 01900 706301
Keswick: 01768 812243


Civic Centre,
CA3 8QG.

Fax: 01228 226655

Carlisle North 01228 227033
Carlisle East 01228 227040
Carlisle West 01228 221590


Blencathra House,
Tangier Street,
CA28 7UW.

Fax: 01946 506433

North Copeland: 01946 506352
South Copeland: 01946 506269


19-24 Friargate,
CA11 7NX.

Fax: 01768 242260

Eden West (including Keswick): 01768 812243 or 01768 812233
Eden South: 01768 812089 or 01768 812231
Eden North: 01768 812241 or 01768 812253


Priory Grove,
off Friars Lane,
LA13 9NP.

Fax: 01229 404054

Furness East: 01229 407874
Furness West: 01229 407446
Furness North: 01229 407444

South Lakeland

County Offices,
LA9 4RQ.

Fax: 01539 773354

Kendal: 01539 713378 or 01539 713343
South Lakes Rural: 01539 713111 or 01539 713334

Cumbria County Council

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